jj brine

JJ Brine is a multimedia installation artist, gallerist, electronic musician, and theologian. He curates and operates Vector Gallery in the East Village. The work of JJ Brine has been compared to that of Duchamp and Andy Warhol. Brine is known as the “Father of the Posthuman Movement” and as “The Crown Prince of Hell.” Equal parts art installation and church, Vector is a beacon and a bank for lost souls. It is a breathing silver studio which stands as a reminder that there is salvation in the world’s eccentricities.Upcoming Vector events include the offsite “Tümbox Party” by artist Michael Bianchino on Oct. 1st (“A posthuman foam fantasy portal enshrining the neurological impact of love on the brain - among other things.” - JJ Brine) and “Media Night” at Vector Gallery on Oct. 31st. 

Why did you come back to New York City [from Los Angeles]?

Why does the salmon travel upstream to spawn?

What is Vector? How would you like Vector perceived?

Vector is an advertising agency for products, companies, and services that do not formally exist.  

How does it relate to religion?

Vector is itself a religion.  It’s a temple unto its own tenets.

Is it art?

Of course.  It’s religious art.  What is not art?

Can you describe the religion? Does it come from a previous lineage?

It's the fourth in the the tetralogy. First came Judaism, Christianity, then Islam, and now Vector. All reactions to this project serve to advance its interests.

Religion and politics are often intertwined. Do you see this project as a political statement?

Well, VECTOR is a country. It is a state. It is a theocratic state. The Vectorian faith is the state religion of The Satanic State of VECTOR.

How important is community in Vector? You have different members equipped with different titles? What roles do they play?

They have various psychic, archetypal capacities.

I heard that one of the members of your government is making a shrine to you.  What’s that about?

This weekend Vectorian Minister of Growth Michael Bianchino is opening his immersive PostHuman bedroom installation, Tümbox, in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios. Eye love it. It’s very much alive.

What is the most interesting reaction you've received from a visitor?

They’re all “interesting” in the same way that it’s interesting to note the features of samples or specimens of a given species, like leaves on a tree. Many visitors seem convinced that it’s the living manifestation of their own interests. Certainly, such conviction is key to making its premise a reality.

Your work features some iconic American brands. What is your relation to branding and politics?

The algorithm of the prodigal analogy is itself a brand.

Do you have plans to expand?

Yes, Eye think We are always expanding. Such is the nature of our frequency. This thing is a radio tower, after all.

Expand territory?

Yes.  If a gallery wants to open itself up to colonization, Eye always consider prospects for imperial expansion. There are a couple of darling “things” in the works on this order.  Eye’m also available to do installations in people's private homes, which is always inspiring.

The last time we met was for the show in Bushwick "The Prescription For The End Of The World (2033 AD)." Do you think there is a recipe for the apocalypse?

Yes.  Eye provided it therein.  Some key ingredients include the mechanization of telepathy via social media, Israel being ex-chosen, escalating interference of world powers in Syria vis-a-vis the notion of an Alawite State, the proliferation of technology allowing for the 3D printing of nuclear weapons, and the death of the United Nations -- my sincere condolences.

Why 2033 AD? What is happening that year?

The ALANIZATION of all things; the return to ALAN.  The SHAY have called it “The Big Bang” which is actually “The Singularity.”

In the Vector 2.0 location, visitors lost their souls when they entered the backroom. Now they lose their souls if that enter at all?

Vector operates like a bank.  Eye have no particular purpose in hoarding souls indefinitely.  Rather, Eye collect interest on them. Reality is a curated suggestion.

Your gallery is never exactly the same. Do you feel like it is important for the space to always be in flux? 

Yes. As Eye change the inside in 2028 AD, so Eye change the outside in 2016. Pantomiming crime.

Would you ever act in a film or a play?

Yes. Eye don’t see myself going to an audition. However, someone who has written a part for The Devil can seek me out and make their wishes known to me. Judas Loves Me.

How do you feel about the sheer volume of press attention you’ve generated?

It’s all part of the art. Eye take screenshots of everything that has ever been written about me because it’s all PostHuman Art.  This will be explored in the next show at VECTOR -- the media commentary will be explicitly showcased as the art objects. Eye will be printing articles about my art on shower curtains, toilet paper, lightboxes, etc. The opening night is scheduled for October 31st.

Is there anything you’d like to mention about your process?

Urgency is the greatest gift.  Deadlines are magical.

What else are you working on right now?

Right now Eye’m recording a second album for The LaBiancas with my bandmate and crime partner Lena Marquise -- working title “Jesus Christ Is Charles Manson” -- which will feature a lot of magically repurposed cover songs.  Eye’m just beginning to work on a film project with Vectorian Minister of Zion, Yasmin Ben-David. And Eye’ll be installing “The Charity For The End of The World” at your space in November, the third and final chapter of my “End of The World”  trilogy that started at Silent Barn.

Are you bringing VECTOR to Basel this year?

Eye insist on sending God to Hell over and over again for divine emphasis. This is something that’s never confirmed until the last conceivable moment. If someone wants to sponsor me, as was the case with the past couple of years, Eye am willing and ready to discuss this.

Any notable links you’d like to direct us to?


Anything else you’d like to add?

SHAY calendar 2017 AD, YEAR ONE of Vectorian calendar history, is imminent. The Dawn of PostHumanity is upon us all. Collect your thoughts, open your eyes, and breathe together 2NITE. (“We want the white bitch to kill for Christ”)