no vacancy II

March 31st - April 2nd | Opening: Friday March 31st, 7 - 10 PM

After party 10PM - 3AM

Squat Gallery | 929 Broadway, Brooklyn


Alt Esc is pleased to present No Vacancy II, the second art exhibition of the series, at Squat Gallery. The exhibition features 12 rooms acting as separate exhibition spaces, creating a spectrum of individual environments. A cross between art fair, gallery show, and a warehouse party, No Vacancy II synthesizes a diverse collection of artists and mediums into one collective art exhibition in celebration of New York’s young creative landscape. The exhibition aims to celebrate the vibrant array of artists met through this project.

Participating Artists:

Adam Mignanelli // Alfredo Salazar-Caro // Alison Kizu-Blair // Andrew Laumann // Andrew Ross // Arielle Falk // Austin Swearengin // Charlie Rubin // Eric Timothy Carlson // Frank Castanien // Greem Jellyfish // Hein Koh // James Clar // James Moore // Kip Davis // Luke Todd // Mark Dorf // Mark Fingerhut // Masami Kubo // Michael Dotson // Molly Soda // Morgan Blair // Michael Potvin // Peter Burr // Rebecca Fin Simonetti // Robbie McDonald // Sophia Narrett //

Curatorial Projects:

Ballast Projects: Calli Moore // Rachel Klinghoffer // Erin Loree

Lydia Pettit (Platform Gallery): Phaan Howng // Elliot Doughtie

Sara Blazej: Deirdre Sargent // Amy Brener


After Party:

Friday, March 31st


Askesem, Machine Girl (dj), Sadaf (dj), DJ Kala, Macy Rodman, Umfang


Panel Talk:

Saturday, April 1st

5:00 - 6:45 pm

Reconsidering the White Cube: A conversation on curating in DIY, alternative, and non-traditional spaces

Irina V Makarova & Alison Sirico (Alt Esc), Adam G. Mignanelli (Ballast Projects), Brian Whiteley (Satellite Art Fair)

Moderated by Marina Garcia-Vasquez (Editor-in-Chief, Creators)